Musk Creek Facilities

The farm is the leading Victorian boutique thoroughbred nursery, with over 27 Stakes performers, produced from the property.  


With extensive capital improvements taking place over the past 12 months, the property now boasts World Class facilities, including broodmare & yearling specific barns, undercover round yard and horse walker, plus parade area.  

The safety of the horse & handler is paramount and the farm has been developed with this in mind.


The farm offers paddocks in various sizes ranging from 20 acres to individual half acre lots with:

  • Horse specific fencing

  • Rye/Clover pasture

  • Shade trees

  • Horse shelters and

  • Clean paddocks.

Facilities also include:

  • Yearling Barn including 13 large light filled airy boxes;

  • Broodmare Barn including 8 large light filled airy boxes & veterinary area;

  • Floodlit foaling paddocks;

  • Day yards;

  • Yearling paddocks;

  • Parade Area;

  • Undercover round yard; and

  • 8 horse undercover horse walker.